How Funny is Stephen Colbert?

The guy cracks me up. I was watching last night’s episode and I thought the idea of his second “Green Screen Challenge” is great. For anyone that’s not a follower of the show, his first green screen challenge depicted him dancing around with a light-saber, and “contestants”, for lack of a better word, would fill in the rest of the scene themselves. His second challenge came about because of the rock band “The Decemberists” that took it upon themselves to shoot a video and asked fans to fill in the rest of the video. So, Colbert’s idea for his second GSR is to have his fans edit him into the Decemberists video. MULCH.

Is it me, or have all the Daily Show’s correspondents become righties? I haven’t been a lifelong loyal fan of the show, so if it was always this way, forgive me. It seems, though, that they’re all pretty much Colbert clones. It’s funny, don’t get me wrong, but they all have their “Colbert-esqueness” about them.


One thought on “How Funny is Stephen Colbert?

  1. Oh wait. Yes, I have. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it in me right now to type it all out again. Besides, it was just ramblings anyway. You didn’t want to hear me go on and on about this, right?

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