A study of the dangers of Marijuana

Read this study and come back.

Full of information? Good. So with all the benefits of marijuana and and little reason to keep it abolished, besides the fact that it makes you feels good (kinda like Paxil, you know, but without the nausea, constipation, agitation, insomnia, sweating, and impotence).

I’ve read comments on various forums regarding the study, and a few points of view seemed to be reoccurring.

  • The study didn’t test enough people
  • Marijuana is still addictive and habit forming
  • Legalizing drugs of any kind sends a bad message for kids

Just to debunk the points… The study is the largest of it’s kind, and tested quite a few people. Yes, there may be people that have odd reactions to cannabis, but so far, cancer isn’t one of them. Honestly, peanuts at this point in time are more dangerous to more people than weed is, but we continue to keep them on the market.

Addictive? Sure, but nearly everything on this earth is addictive to the right person. For example, I’m quite addicted to cookies, as I’m sure many other people are. The thing about cannabis is that there are no withdrawal symptoms, unlike many prescription drugs and many harder drugs.

And the kids, the precious children. I agree that kids shouldn’t be smoking weed. I realize, and side with Bill Maher, that we can’t, and don’t run a whole society based on children. We don’t allow kids to do many things that we adults do, like drive, drink, or have sex. Why the double standard with marijuana? Why outlaw marijuana “for the kids” yet let other things slide? It doesn’t make sense. We’re adults, we should be making our own decisions, not letting the government do it for us, especially when it comes to a substance that’s hurting nobody.

Legalizing marijuana has so many things going for it, like eliminating the dangerous black market that exists in it’s disrtibution. Seriously, has anyone heard of an illegal beer ring?

If anyone has anything to add or rebuttle, I’d like to hear it.


6 thoughts on “A study of the dangers of Marijuana

  1. Hey,

    Its interesting that I happened to read this article, since I recently wrote a review paper on a study done about the effects of Marijuana on the offset of schizophrenia. Although the researchers did find a causal link, it wasn’t great or strong enough to firmly support their thesis.

    For me, having a schizo uncle is the primary reason for not smoking weed anymore. The stuff I hear in my Psyc classes is enough to scare any user away…


  2. Yeah my blog isn’t very specific, but it’s fun. Appreciated tho 😀

    I’ve personally only read about the negatives with regards to Schizophrenia and marijuana. Do you happen to have that link still? It’d be an interesting read, if nothing else.

  3. I will try and find it. I would have to check if it is on my laptop or else I won’t be able to give it to you. It was taken off my university’s library private website and I have no f*ing idea if I can find it again! LOL!!!


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