Marijuana: Thoughts and Ponderings

My spell check is telling me that “pondering” is a word, but “ponderings” isn’t.

At any rate, I’ve decided that I’d write a bit more about marijuana because

  • It’s a hot topic
  • My last entry of said subject is doing quite well
  • I want more traffic (for no real reason)
  • I like weed

I always think to myself that if I ever become famous, I’ll definitely devote a chunk of time and money to legalization. Decriminalization is “ok” in the sense that no one’s going to jail over it, but legalization is the way to go. Theoretically, decriminalization could open an even bigger black market, as people would be less afraid of growing, the ante’s would be pushed up for bigger chunks of profit… it’s a lot to talk about, but maybe it’s something I should discuss at a later time.

Attempting to stay on a single coherent path for once, I read a good article that had a few logical points. My paraphrasing of the article is that marijuana was widely known as cannabis before and including the early 1900s, a widely accepted drug, prescribed for many different things. It got banned basically because it was renamed and associated with Mexicans using the drug to lure women and children, claims which fit quite snuggly within the definition of propaganda.

The thesis behind the banning, and as late as a 2003 press release from the white house that “research has not demonstrated that smoked marijuana is safe and effective medicine.” Odd, it’s not a valid medicine, but it seems that there are many different drugs attempting to recreate marijuana’s effect. Synthetic THC is something that’s been out for a while. Synthetic THC. Am I reading that properly? Yes, I am. The government has banned marijuana because of it’s allegedly unproven medicinal properties, but gives the OK to a test tube version that attempts to mimic cannabis’ properties? The only differences would be the cost. Marijuana is cheap. Any drug that takes a lot of research costs a lot of money.

Just reading the side effects and dangers of Tysabri gives me a creepy feeling. What purpose does it serve to endanger the lives of people who seek treatment for certain ailments when a safe alternative has been around for quite possibly forever.

To change from medicinal uses to recreational, why can’t people toke responsibly? People can drink responsibly most of the time, so why is there such a discrepancy to a much less dangerous drug? I can’t make sense of it. I also want to refrain from making this an anti-government rant, so I’ll just stop here.

Thoughts and comments are appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Marijuana: Thoughts and Ponderings

  1. I generally agree with your views regarding marijuana. However, With regards to your comment “Just reading the side effects and dangers of Tysabri gives me a creepy feeling. What purpose does it serve to endanger the lives of people who seek treatment for certain ailments when a safe alternative has been around for quite possibly forever” – Although marijuana has been shown to help ease many of the side effects of MS, it has not been shown (to my knowledge) to do anything to reduce exacerbations and/or slow the progression of the disease. To put another way, marjuana can not be considered an alternative treatment for MS as you seem to suggest.

  2. I completely agree with you on legalizing marijuana. If you would like to know more about the istory of the prohibition of cannabis in North America check out the post I did for my blog

    That article primarily focuses on Canada, but crosses south of the border as well. While researching the post I found the links to the reasoning behind marijuana prohibition and racism were quite shocking.

  3. I have followed the Tysabri saga closely as I have friends with MS.
    MS is a demylinating disease (damages insulation around nerve cells) Tysabri works be limiting the number of immune cells that can cross the blood brain barrier. Tysabri is an immunosupressant. Consequently, you should not take other immunosupressants while taking Tysabri otherwise a latent virus can become activated causing PML (a very serious condition). Tysabri has never demonstrated to cause PML when given by itself.
    Good luck with the decrimilization effort —
    But please do not tell people Tysabri is bad. It’s been a miracle for some people. Wheelchair people have been able to walk.

  4. I thought you might be interested in this documentary about the raging battle taking place in San Diego over medical marijuana. The film is called RX Cannabis, and there is a trailer online that you can view. We will be adding more video online very soon including behind the scenes footage and vlogs from the filmmaker.

    Here are some links:

  5. Tysabri has been shown to increase the risk of PML
    That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it if it is helping. Bee stings have also helped people to walk, but Pharma doesn’t promote that either. Young people whose brains are still developing should not use MJ. It is an anandamide analog and may lead to long term problems in the developing brain. from
    “Anandamide also is important in the regulation of feeding behavior, and the neural generation of motivation and pleasure”
    People who are in the degenerative rather than developmental phase life (ie over 40) are in fact protected by the use of MJ, so we have it backwards. Teens should not use it, older people should.
    Regardless of medical recommendations there is extreme political bias against a medically and industrially useful natural resource and that is simple ignorance if not criminal negligence.

  6. Politicians are 10 years behind the times when it comes to hemp use. People have been fighting for a long time against marijuana and pot prohibition with some movement going on now. Still too slow for those caught up in the jail system for possessing a little weed. Our freedoms have been trampled on by folks who know nothing about how beautiful cannabis can be for someones life, if one learns how to grow cannabis. Keep up the good work.

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