MMA, and why it’s catching on.

MMA, or ultimate fighting as it’s sometimes called, is practically the only sport that I watch. I’ll watch football on occasion, and futbal as well, but for the most part, it’s all MMA. I was wondering why I don’t appreciate any other sports nearly much as MMA, and I came up with the following reasoning.

Sports are about domination. Anything that isn’t a fighting sport has arbitrary goals (put this ball in the net, don’t cross this line at this time, don’t stay here too long) that don’t really mean anything. Yes it’s a skill, but at the end of the day, when your friend beats you at a game of badminton, all you have to say is “Oh yeah, you might be better at badminton, but I can still kick your ass”.

Fighting needs little to no equipment, and the fundamental goal is to make your opponent unable to “play”, or make them admit they don’t want to “play” anymore. In another sport, it could go on forever, you could be down 5-3 at the end, but you’re still able to play if you wanted.

Sure, MMA has a few sporting and arbitrary things, like decisions and stand ups, but for the most parts it’s the most pure sporting competition there is. That’s why MMA will always be the best sport in my eyes.